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QD WIF is a Macintosh Classic program that translates between WIF (Weaving Information File) format and WeaveMaker One, Macintosh ProWeave 3.0 and WeavePoint version 4 drafts.

WIF is a text format enabling draft sharing between weaving programs. Using WIF as an intermediary format, QD WIF helps you to move drafts among the above weaving programs and programs supporting WIF. The weaving ezine has an article by Eleanor Best on Working with WIFs in its June 2000 issue.

Several weaving programs now read and write WIF files. On the Macintosh, WIF support became available with SwiftWeave 5 and ProWeave 4.5. For MS Windows, WIF support became available with Patternland Weave Simulator 6.0, WeaveIt 2.0, ProWeave for Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 and Fiberworks PCW4.

QD WIF v1.0 adds support for WeaveMaker One color information. The first colorway of WeaveMaker drafts is translated into WIF. WIF drafts with no more than 8 warp colors and 8 weft colors have their color information translated into WeaveMaker drafts.

QD WIF runs on Macintosh OS System 7 through System 9. QD WIF only translates ProWeave 3.0 draft files containing a single draft. QD WIF cannot translate drafts with more than 32 shafts.

Download QD WIF 1.0. This link downloads a self-extracting archive. Double click on it to get your copy of QD WIF.

QD WIF is freeware.

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