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Multi-weft Double Weave Drafter

After describing the steps needed to translate multi-weft double weave designs into weave drafts in Designing Multi-weft Double Weave, I realized having a computer do part of the work would make the translation process less error prone and tedious. The result of that realization is this web-based tool.

This tool can help you draft tabby double weave that has one warp threaded on odd shafts and anther warp threaded on even shafts. In any section, you can choose to have the top layer woven with the warp on the odd shafts, the warp on the even shafts, or end and end mixing the two warps. In any section, you can also choose to have the top layer woven with a single weft or with two different wefts pick and pick.

You enter your design as a series of same height rows. Each row may use up to 5 different wefts. The tool will warn you if you enter a row requiring more than 5 wefts, so that you can adjust your design.

If your design has more blocks than can be woven on your loom without using pickup, you'll also get a warning. If you choose to proceed, a pickup draft will be generated.

Pickup drafts must be woven with a threading in which the blocks repeat in straight draw order. Non-pickup drafts can be woven with the blocks threaded in any order.

The following pages lead you through entering your yarn combinations and assigning them to rows and blocks in your design. The tool will generate weft order information you can use to guide your weaving and a WIF liftplan draft for your design.

Multi-weft Double Weave Drafter Example contains a step by step description of how to create a simple multi-weft double weave draft using this tool.

To start translating your multi-weft double weave design:
1. Select how many different wefts you will be using in your design:
2. Select how many different warp/weft combinations are in your design:


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